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Overview of our Clinic
Our Goal:  To Provide the 6 A's of Patient Satisfaction; (our Goal is "All A's")
We provide comprehensive medical care to patients age 18 and up for any primary care issue that may
arise, including acute, chronic and preventive care.  We do encourage those younger than 18 to
continue to see their pediatrician locally for their ongoing care.  This mission is detailed by clicking
Mission.  We hope to provide your care in a more friendly and efficient manner than that provided
historically, in new ways which we detail by clicking
Our Goal.  

We respect our patients' time and thus strive to provide patients with readily available appointments.  
Although our waiting room is very comfortable, our patients spend very little time in the waiting room.  
We believe we have the shortest wait time of all doctor offices in the Greenville NC area.  You may
contact any member of our staff by clicking the link
Contact Us.

We treat high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid disease, stable heart disease, migraine
headaches and stroke among many other chronic medical problems.  We treat lacerations, colds, flu,
bronchitis, sinusitis, back and other sprains/strains, and rashes among other acute problems.  

We provide
annual wellness physical exams provided by most commercial insurance carriers, as well as
work physicals, sports physicals and other types of physical exams.

We provide onsite blood testing, onsite xrays, EKG's, treatment for depression, anxiety, and ADD, and
refer primarily to local private offices for specialty care.  We perform many urgent care function such as
laceration repair, removal of abnormal skin lesions, wart removal, and other minor skin procedures.

Please go to
Our Goal for details on how we will meet this mission.
Wintergreen Medical Center
324-A Beacon Drive
Winterville, NC  28590
Office 252-
Fax     252-321-7762
You may request an appointment by clicking Contact Us, and you may click New Patients GO HERE to
download and mail or fax your information.  You may call or email us for more information or for
questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!
Calvin Ellis, PA-C
Carol Gates DNP, FNP-BC
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