Wintergreen Medical Center
324-A Beacon Drive
Winterville, NC  28590
Office 252-
Fax     252-321-7762
Calvin Ellis, PA-C
Carol Gates DNP, FNP-BC

Our Electronic Medical Record, eClinicalWorks, offers an integrated "Patient Portal" that each individual patient
may access to obtain prior lab results, to message their provider, to request an appointment, and to see their
medical problem list and current list of medications.

To go to our Patient Portal, please click cut and paste the following to your browser

Please keep in mind that email traditionally has not been encrypted, though that is changing, as users of gmail
and yahoo mail now can send and receive encrypted email to each other.  However, this is not universal yet.  
So the federal government wants us to use the Patient Portals that are more secure.  

If you have lost your user id or password, please contact us and we will reset your password and you will
receive new login information through your email.
Patient Portal