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Prescription Drug Assistance Programs


The following are several currently available sites for the necessary information and forms for requesting
prescription drugs for needy patients.  See disclaimer below.

$4 prescription drug plans - Several major drug store chains offer $4 monthly prescriptions for many
generic drugs.  These include WalMart and Sams Club, Target, KMart, Walgreens, RiteAid, and Kroger locally.  
RiteAid will match the $4 fee for the other major pharmacies, but does not have a publicized plan (yet).  For the
current formulary offered for each, click the corresponding pharmacy below:
WalMart and Sams Club
General:  Over 300 generic drugs are available.
Advantages:  $4 cost applies whether a patient has prescription drug coverage or not.  Obtaining a prescription is
exactly like any other prescription, simply drop off and pick up, with no card or membership necessary except for
Disadvantages:  No brandname prescription products available on this plan, however, many times, a generic
equivalent may be available; your physician will have to determine if the equivalent will work with you.

2. - Sponsored by 19 large pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies.
General:  Over 300 brandname prescription products as well as a number of generics.   Most cardholders save
25-40% on brandname prescriptions.
Advantages:  Apply in minutes via phone 1-800-444-4106, online, or print and fill out application and mail.  Instant
savings at the pharmacy counter.  Card is free to get and free to use, with no maximum usage, no hidden fees,
and no monthly charge.
Disadvantages:  Must have no current prescription drug coverage, not available for Medicare patients, and
maximum income thresholds are $30,000 for single person, $40,000 for family of two, etc.

3. - Sponsored by Volunteers in Health Care
General:  Provides overview of entire application and renewal process.  References like poverty guidelines and
sample letters of request.
Advantages: Can search for drug availability by company name, drug name, generic name or class of medication.
Outlines the application procedure; some applications are available online for printing, and lists expected
turnaround times for receiving medications.  
Disadvantages: May not contain every medication or company that has an assistance program.  

4. - Sponsored by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of America
General:  Provides good links to the pharmaceutical companies. Links to drug references.  
Advantages: Can print forms from practice and patient specific information entered.
Disadvantages: Concerns about security of this site.

5. - Sponsored by a physician and social worker
General:  A good site for drug information and interactions.  Easy to look up drug availability in these programs.  
Explains the refill process clearly.    
Advantages: Provides details of different companies' programs.  Emails the registered user with
updates/changes.  Disadvantages: No applications available online for printing.

6. - Sponsored by volunteers
General:  Good site for patients to determine if they may be eligible for assistance; patient-friendly site.
Advantages: Can be initiated by the patient-they mail in a letter with all necessary information, name of
prescribing doctors and $5.00 processing fee for each requested medication. The patient assumes some
responsibility for obtaining medications.
Disadvantages: $5.00 payment for each application, patients may lose some money by requesting medications for
which their is no sponsor. In addition, there is no financial screening done to ensure that volunteers are applying
only to the companies that will accept patients based on financial criteria.

Bottom line
These online medication assistance programs can serve as valuable references, and many contain other helpful
links to drug information resources.

This area is designed to help users obtain information and guidance. The information providers in this service
area believe the information they dispense is accurate and reliable, but in some instances, the information may
represent opinion or judgment.