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New Medicare Patients
We are currently not taking NEW Medicare patients.  Call our office for further information
and scheduling.

The business of primary care medicine has become very difficult.  This is due to increasing
reimbursement system.  In addition, our expenses are ever rising.  Thus we must see more
patients, more quickly, than ever before, to remain in business.

Medicare makes little distinction in reimbursement for much more complex problems and
more numerous medical problems being treated.  This is the reason that most medical
offices spend very little time with patients and see large numbers of patients daily.

If any patient that has been seeing us ages into the Medicare program, then of course we will
continue to see that patient regardless of their change in insurance coverage or their
medical problems.  

If you have any issue with this policy, we urge you to call or write your congressman and let
him/her know of your concerns (and mine).  If reimbursement for Medicare office visits for
primary care was better, we would not need to restrict Medicare patients.
Calvin Ellis, PA-C
Carol Gates DNP, FNP-BC